Our Approach

Services from the Elliot Leadership Institute are based on ELI's 10 Dimensions of Executive Leadership, a proven development model based on both research and practical experience shared by leading hospitality business owners and executives.

10 Dimensions of Executive Leadership

Change Agent
Embraces change and leads the team through innovation and rapid responseto change.
Creates an environment that fosters creative thinking and decision-making. Asserts influence to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Communication Champion
​​Demonstrates excellent two-way communication skills with all levels of theorganization in written, verbal and group presentation delivery styles. Listens andseeks feedback from others to ensure communication is open, consistent and processed successfully. Organizes work responsibilities to better understand and maintain the flow of communication to:
    • Recognize progress and achievement
    • Offer solutions to obstacles
    • Assure multi-functional teams receive consistent communication messages
    • Act as a role model for consistent follow-through

Corporate Culture Advocate
Aligns company vision, mission and values with business strategies. Creates and sustains strong corporate culture to improve organization's ability to adapt to change, embrace innovation, and remove obstacles to success for individualsand teams. This Dimension allows the leader to:​
     • Articulate Corporate Vision/Mission/Values
     • Identify Cultural Elements
     • Champion Organizational Culture
     • Deliver "Cultural Touch Points" (e.g., Orientation, Training)
​     • Act with integrity and display candor and honesty

Customer Service Ambassador​
Responsive to both internal and external customers and partners. Dedicated to providing the highest level of service, resources and support to all customers. Values relationships with customers and works to insure that continuous communication identifies obstacles and opportunities for improvement. Seeks deep understanding of the industry and competitive marketplace. Implements practices to retain and grow the customer base.

Diversity and Inclusion Mentor​

Values the diversity of others and seeks to foster an inclusive work environment. Recognizes the value of differing backgrounds, skills and ideas to the success of the team. Promotes creative thinking and seeks opinions of others without playing favorites. Understands the need to allocate time, energy, and financial resourcesto creating a culture of inclusion. Actively seeks out diverse talent to continuously broaden and grow the team, thereby strengthening the business. Proactively works to develop his/her own cultural competencies and understanding of emerging diverse groups.

Financial Results Expert

​Establishes financial expectations and operating budgets.  Sets accountability for results.  Evaluates and monitors results in order to provide continuing feedback and guidance to improve financial performance.  Confronts financial performance issues and coaches for improved results.

Relationship and Network Builder

Builds and maintains effective and collaborative relationships with diverse stakeholders and facilitates team success.  Initiates and cultivates strategic internal and external networking relationships that foster both individual and organizational goals. Motivates others to achieve superior business performance by supporting autonomy and independence.  Supports risk taking and innovation.  Successfully motivates, inspires trust and confidence in others:  superiors, peers and direct reports.  Acts with integrity.  Displays honesty and candor.


Aligns company vision with long-term business strategies. Develops strategies by engaging key stakeholders in the process. Fosters creative and innovative thinking from a diverse and inclusive team and considers both short and long-term strategies.  Implements strategic decisions by assessing research, and trends, while soliciting feedback from others.  Able to identify alternative solutions to obstacles and setbacks.  Utilizes all available information in order to understand and solve strategic and tactical issues and problems. 

Talent and Team Developer

Cultivates individual talents and encourages mentoring at all levels. Strives to continually elevate the effectiveness of the team by staffing with high-level talent and developing team members. Creates succession plans and incorporates development plans to achieve succession goals, and provides very clear performance feedback and direction. Willing to confront and take action for non-performance, including removal of non-performing team members. Actively mentors members of the team and across functions within the organization.  

Technology Enabler

Understands and leverages the latest technological tools and communications resources to build and sustain a competitive advantage.  Utilizes the most appropriate technologies in information, communication and operational systems to improve organizational effectiveness.

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